Paint Your Home Program

The City of Lenox is offering a “Paint Your Home Program” that will provide exterior paint and painting supplies to Lenox residents. The funds are available through the Vern Reynolds Trust in the amount of $6,953.54. This program will run annually until all trust funds are depleted.

The following requirements must be met for each applicant to be considered:

  • Home must be owner-occupied
  • Home must be within the city limits of Lenox
  • Paint is to be used for exterior purposes only
  • Homeowner must have the ability to finish the project by October 30th of each year application is approved
  • The home must be hand painted and not sprayed
  • Color will be picked out by the homeowner but must be approved by the Council
  • Homeowner needs to complete the attached application
  • Approved applicant will receive the supplies needed, not monies
  • You must paint the home in order to qualify to paint any additional structures on the property
  • Dimensions of the house will be needed to calculate how much paint will be needed

This program will cover the following expenses:

  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Trim Paint
  • Scrapers (max of 4)
  • Brushes (max of 6)
  • If the applicant has a 2-story home, this program will pay for half the cost of a lift rental

This program will NOT cover the following expenses:

  • Any repairs needed to the home prior to painting
  • Labor
  • Painting Company

Applications are accepted March 1st through June 30th of each year. The deadline to complete the paint project must be completed by October 30th each year.

If an application is approved in 2024, the deadline will be October 30, 2024. Failure to complete the project will result in the approved applicant reimbursing all funds for the cost of paint/supplies to the City of Lenox.

Applicants may request an extension but are limited to one extension request, and it must be approved by the City Council.

Applicant approval is determined by City Hall staff.