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Lenox Chamber of Commerce

Our mission is to encourage growth and development, promote Lenox, and the area businesses, and foster a sense of community pride.

The Lenox Area Chamber of Commerce is proud of the community of Lenox and encouraged by our continued growth and dedication. The commitment of the business owners and residents has been tremendous and certainly shows with a thriving Main Street as well as expanded businesses in town.

We continually strive to promote the community, businesses and take great pride in Lenox. Together we can do more is only a motto; but truly how Lenox approaches each day.


Lenox Area Chamber of Commerce

200 1/2 South Main Street
Lenox, IA 50851
Phone: (641) 333-4272
Email: lenoxchamber@lenoxia.com





2024 Chamber Executive Board

President Kathy Achenbach
Vice President Lisa Riley
Past President Becky Smith
Member at Large Alison Larsen
Member at Large Tarran O’Riley
Member at Large Jenny Robinson
Chamber Coordinator Sheila O’Riley


Chamber Committees

The Lenox Chamber of Commerce has many different committees.  These committees involve everyone in the Chamber getting together and making the Lenox community a better place.

Ambassadors Membership
Annual Awards Banquet
Old-Fashioned Fun Night
August Golf Tournament Pocket Park Market
Community Project Fundraiser Promotions
Depot Holiday Welcome Center Spotlight of the Week
Bright Lights Holiday Lighting Tourism
Lenox Magazine Trunk or Treat
Light Pole Banners

Chamber Dollars

  1. The Lenox Chamber Dollars come in four denominations: $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00.
  2. You can purchase them only at the Iowa State Savings Bank in Lenox, and they are valid ONLY if they are encoded at the bottom by the bank.
  3. They can be accepted only at current Chamber Member Businesses.
  4. They expire one year from the date they were issued to the user.
  5. They should not be redeemed for cash.
  6. Businesses should stamp each bill on the back, just like a check, before turning them in at the bank.
  7. Users should endorse the back of each Chamber Dollar.
  8. No Cash should be given back by the business as change unless the remaining amount is less than one dollar.
  9. If the remaining portion is more than one dollar, the business has the option of either: giving credit for the remaining amount to be used later at that business, or purchasing smaller denominations to have on hand to give back as change.

Events & Activities

The Lenox Chamber of Commerce holds many events and activities to improve and involve the community of Lenox.


  • Valentine Gift Basket Give Away
  • Annual Awards Banquet
  • Easter Egg Hunt (Lenox Sorority Sisters)
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day
  • Pocket Park Market
  • Old-Fashioned Fun Night
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Trunk or Treat Parade
  • Bright Lights Cruise Night
  • Community Project Fundraiser


  • Main Street Beautification
  • Holiday Decorating
  • Depot Holiday Welcome Center
  • Promote Lenox and Businesses
  • Lenox Promotional Video
  • Ribbon Cuttings
  • Spotlight of the Week
  • Stronger Together campaign
  • Chamber Member Spotlights
  • Monthly Coffees
  • Quarterly Chamber Member Meetings
  • Business Directory
  • Facebook Page